About MORF

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One Shirt…Up To 24 Looks!

MORF isn’t just a shirt, It’s a concept. An attitude. Inviting you to be unexpected and ever-changing, playful yet practical, effortless but stylish. With MORF you can actually walk your dog in the morning, attend class, go to work, have coffee with your mom and go on a special date – wearing the same shirt…MORF may look like a basic shirt – but it’s actually an entire collection.

The secret of MORF lies in its simple double-layer construction that allows it to magically change colours, cuts and looks, enabling you to customize and personalize your look in the most practical way. Actually the MORFstructure is so unique – that it’s one of the few shirts ever to be registered as an official U.S patent, registered by fashion designer and co-founder of MORF FASHION Tamara Salem. MORF is made of high quality, light-weight fabrics, and the best thing – it is simple.MORF has no Velcro, no buttons, no zippers, no strips, no complicated ties and no instructions manual none whatsoever…Morfing is as simple as changing your tee: There is no wrong way to wear MORF anything goes!


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